Beer towers are the latest trend in the town. No matter if you are going down the town way to enjoy a few drinks with your friends or running a pub yourself, a beer tower is a must-have these days, and there is no denying that. If there were a list of things necessary to entertain your guests the best way, beer towers would surely be among the top few picks.

Though beer towers are not essentially made for beer, you can also use these devices for other beverages. These are the perfect equipment for your beer serving requirements. Before purchasing the beer tower for your use, you must learn a little more about these devices to make the best decision for your hard-earned money. This blog will discuss beer towers, their types, and the advantages of using them.

What is a Bear Tower?

A beer tower or better known as a beer dispenser, Giraffe dispenser, or portable beer tap, these units are basically dispensing unit you often come across in community pubs, bars, and restaurants. Nowadays, with their increasing popularity and demand, these bower towers are also being purchased at home to have a good time with friends and family.

Types of Beer Towers

Typically speaking, there are two types of beer towers. Glycol-cooled beer towers and air-cooled beer towers.

Glycol Cooled bear Tower

The first type of bear tower uses food-grade glycol to keep the bear inside chilled for long hours. Glycol is anti-freezing food created that can be used to support a beverage cold and bear trunk line. This is you stupid between the copper lines of a beer tower in order to keep the sense of the bear Tower child.

This type of bear tower is typically found on remote systems or in restaurants that do not use their personal property.

Air Cooled bear Tower

Typically found on the direct draw, their systems speed towers are empty from inside so that called air can below wrong sideways to keep the inside of these towers child. Since these bear towers equip small fan to blow cool air and entertain these devices at beer walk-in coolers so that there is consumed within their suitable temperature.

Advantages of using beer towers

Entertain large groups

Imagine hosting a bear party and making your friends wait for the beer because you have to refill the bear bar repeatedly. With a beer Tower by your side, Your guests do not have to wait a long cute bring their beer before you make the refills again and again.

Multiply Your Profit

Since beer towers are a great addition to novelty and experience at any party, customers naturally attract them, automatically increasing the owners’ profit. Your customers will not have to wait for


Whether you are planning to entertain your friends at a housewarming party or looking to start your pub, beer towers are essential for unmatched customer service because these fantastic devices can help you serve countless glasses of beer without requiring a refill. All you have is to install them at a table that is visible to the larger audience and see your guests pouring themselves drinks without assistance.


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