Despite the common misconception from most of the population, games can be fun and helpful to adults too. A lot of people consider these games to be childish, especially inflatable games. Although most adults may not admit it, these games can be entertaining, and people secretly wish they could play them. Unknown to many, there are many awesome inflatable games you can get and play with everyone, including adults. A little fun as an adult is essential and can help in many ways.

Adult Friendly Inflatable Games

Below are several awesome inflatable games that any adult can enjoy alongside children.

1. Bungee Racing

Bungee racing is one of the most exciting outdoor games that encourage inclusivity. It is a highly competitive activity and can promote competition among members. The game has two lanes separated so different people can use them. When playing, an elastic cord is hooked on the competitors’ waists while they race to the end of the lanes. It is a show of strength and a very engaging game.

2. Mazed Jungle

For this game, different players try to beat the maze while timing to see who does it fastest. It is a great inflatable game for those who love mystery and can be used during an event. The jungle maze can be themed to suit different occasions.

3. Football Inflatable Game

This game is a mini football field and will suit people who love football. It has horizontal support at the top, which players use to support themselves while scoring, like in a football game.

4. Sticky Wall

The sticky wall is a game with less competition and more fun. It has a childlike aspect and nostalgia to it that can be applied to the adults who can play this game.

5. Mechanical Bull

This game has never-ending fun and can go on for a whole day. It requires one to stay on the bull on a bouncy inflatable surface. Mechanical bull can be competitive or not, depending on the players.

6. Jousting

Jousting can be a themed game, depending on the festivity or occasion. It has some competition as the players are required to stand within the designated area while the obstacles move around. This game can be delightful and is not harmful in any aspect as the barriers are made of light material.

7. Mountain Climbing

The game is designed to have three sides which are both climbing platforms for different players. It can also get people accustomed to mountain climbing before trying it out. Although it requires some strength, it is a great game.

8. Eliminator

Eliminator has some pole obstacles attached at the center. These poles rotate while the players try to balance on a bouncy surface. Those who are hit are immediately eliminated from the game. It brings both fun and competition into one.

9. Hippo Chow Down

Hippo Chow down is more of a competitive game. The players are tied to a giant inflatable circle with a smaller circle in the middle filled with balls. The game requires players to crawl to the center and collect the balls. Whoever gets the most number becomes the winner.

10. Bubble Bowling

In this game, a player must get into an inflatable balloon which they use to run across the lane, knocking over bowling pins at the end of the marked lane.


Inflatable games can be fun for everyone, even adults, and can inspire the little needed competition. They are a great way to lighten up the mood. These games can be included at a party or a family activity to make the gatherings more fun. Families and friend groups can invest in these fun activities, which will benefit them in many ways.


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